Piece of Mind

Mind - Aesthetics - Moral Psychology
April 20-21

Piece of Mind

Keynote: Jesse Prinz
Distinguished Professor - CUNY Graduate Center

Schedule (PDF)


9:30     Breakfast
Millenium Student Center (Third Floor)
10:30 Consciousness is Attention? (Keynote)
Jesse Prinz (CUNY Graduate Center), Kristian Marlow (Chair)
12:20 The Varieties of Envy
Sara Protasi (Yale), Frank Faries (Comments), Tim Wu (Chair)
1:20 Lunch
Millenium Student Center (Third Floor)
2:20 Shared Intentionality and the State of Nature: Punitive Sentiment in the Psychology of Cooperation
Evan Westra (Maryland), Alex Owen (Comments), Scott Prather (Chair)
3:30 Is There Hope for a Disjunctive Conception of Practical Knowledge?
Stephen Davey (UT Austin), Andy Bramman (Comments), Curtis Metcalf (Chair)
4:40 Do Desires Provide Rational Guidance?
Avery Archer (Columbia), Kyle Barrett (Comments), Amy Broadway (Chair)
6:30 Smoker
Maryland House at Brennan’s (Central West End)
4659 Maryland (Upstairs), 314.361.9444
Street Parking Available


9:30     Brunch
Millenium Student Center (Third Floor)
10:30 The Syntax of Biochemical Mentation
Hubert Wojciech Marciniec (Elmhurst), Kevin Kifer (Comments), Kevin Rice (Chair)
11:40 Theoretical Deontological Intuitions
Ian Tulley (WashU), Chris Owen (Comments)
12:50 Brain’s role in supersizing the mind
Siva Venkadesh (UGA), Stephanie Hulsey (Comments), Jeremy Compton (Chair)
2:00 The Primacy of the Good: The Absence of Evil in Platonic Ontology
Ryan Ausperk (Kent), Matt DeStefano (Comments), Ayoob Shahmoradi (Chair)
4:00 Cocktail Hour
Home of Kristian Marlow (Central West End)
Street Parking Available

Location of the Lectures

All lectures will take place in the Student Government Association Senate Chambers on the third floor of the Millennium Student Center. All other events will take place at the location specified in this brochure.

Past Conferences

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  • 2011: "Introspection", Keynote: Eric Schwitzgabel
  • 2010: "Does Moral Theory Corrupt Youth? Keynote: Kieran Setiya
  • 2009: "Updating the agenda for the Metaphysics of the Mind", Keynote: Terry Horgan
  • 2008: "The beautiful, the good and the just", Keynote: Carolyn Korsmeyer
  • 2007: "Bruiding Bridges" Keynote: Hubert Dreyfus
  • 2006: Keynote: Tim Crane