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Climbing Wall Policies: 

  • Members will check-in through the CSI RWC App- 30-minute timeframes, with a maximum of two reservations back-to-back. There will be 5 minutes in-between the 30 minute time slots for cleaning.
    • If timeslots are available, walk-ins may check-in at the climbing wall desk
  • There will be a maximum if three climbers allowed for each timeslot
    • One available for the bouldering wall slot and two available for top rope climbing slots
  • Social distancing and masks are required while climbing
  • Only climbing wall attendants are permitted to belay
  • Rentals
    • Climbers may rent from equipment check-out or bring in their own
    • Personal harnesses will be inspected by Climbing Wall Attendant
    • Climbers may check out shoes from equipment check-out or bring in their own
    • No chalk allowed; Chalk bag rentals have been suspended. Climbers can use liquid chalk and they will have to supply their own chalk 
  • Climbers will be required to wash their hands prior to climbing
  • Climbers are required to cancel their reservations online at least one hour prior to the start time to avoid future reservation restrictions.


RWC App Reservation Instructions: 

  • Open the CSI-Spectrum app – email if you have issues or need your log-in information 
  • Click on “Booking” at the bottom of the screen 
  • Click the drop down for “Select Category” at the top of the screen, click on “Space Reservations”, and the click on “Select” 
  • Click “Climbing Wall Slots” then click "Select" at the bottom of the screen, which will bring up all available climbing wall reservation time slots 
  • Click the correct date, and click the time with the correct sport for your reservation 
  • Click “Book” 
  • Click “Confirm” and you are all set for your reservation 
  • To view or cancel your reservations: 
  • Go to the Home Screen of your app 
  • Select the correct date of your reservation  
  • Click on the reservation and you will be able to view the details of your reservation.  
  • To  cancel the reservation from this screen click “Cancel” and then “Yes”  


RWC Online Member Portal Reservation Instructions: 

  • Log-in to your Online Member Portal – email if you have issues or need your log-in information 
  • Click on “Bookings”, then “Space Reservations”, and then “Climbing Wall Slots” 
  • Select the appropriate date that you would like to make your reservation for 
  • Below will display all available reservations – either in “List View” or “Calendar View” 
  • On “Calendar View” click on the box for the corresponding time you would like to reserve and click “Continue” 
  • On “List View” click on “Add to Cart” for the corresponding time you would like to reserve and click “Continue” 
  • Select the participants by clicking in the box to the left of the “Name” 
  • Select the host (member responsible for the reservation) by clicking in the box under “Select Host” by the appropriate member 
  • Click on “Continue to Cart” and your reservation is complete – you can add members or cancel reservation from this screen 
  • To view or cancel your reservations: 
  • Go to the Home Screen of your online portal 
  • Click on “My Account” 
  • Click on “Reservations” 
  • Select the correct date range to include your reservation date 
  • Click on the reserved space in the “Schedule” column  
  • You can then add and remove participants or cancel the schedule


The Climbing and Bouldering wall are closed for Summer 2021.



The Climbing Center is located on the 1st floor of the Recreation and Wellness Center. The wall was designed by Entre Prises USA out of Bend, Oregon. The Climbing Wall measures at 32’ tall and features two Tru Blue Auto-Belays and four top-rope anchors. The Bouldering Wall boasts a 20’ traverse and multiple routes going up to 12’ tall.

Only individuals with a valid UMSL TritonCard, RWC Membership, or valid guest pass may use the Climbing Center. Climbers must sign the Climbing Center Waiver at their first visit, and then show a valid form of ID prior to each use. The Bouldering Wall is open during all Recreation and Wellness Center hours of operation. The Climbing Wall is open at specific scheduled hours when Climbing Wall Attendants are present (see Climbing Wall hours of operation).

Climbing Courses and VerificationThe Climbing Center offers a variety of courses and verfication to improve your climbing experience. 

Special Events - Check out the upcoming special events at the RWC Climbing Center. 

Climbing Equipment - Shoes, harnesses, helmets, chalk, carabiners, and belay devices are provided at no additional charge. Climbing equipment can be checked out through the Equipment Room next to the Climbing Center. All equipment is for use on the Bouldering Wall and Climbing Wall only. Climbers are welcome to use their personal harness, shoes, chalk, and helmet if approved by the Climbing Wall Attendant on duty.