Required forms

The student must fill out various forms to complete the degree. These forms are Graduate School forms, not from the History department. Regardless, they must all be turned into the director of graduate studies.

          a. All forms must be typewritten; they will be returned, if filled out any other way;        
          b. All deadlines are Graduate School deadlines—hence, the date listed is the date that the          Graduate School must have the form. Do not wait until the last minute to fill out the required           form.        
          c. Completed forms need to be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies.          
          d. M-1: http://www.umsl.edu/divisions/graduate/files/pdfs/M1.pdf 
          a. Students must list all the courses they have taken and intend to take for the completion             of the MA.          
          b. The M1 must be submitted by the 8th week of the semester in which the student is                  expected to complete 2/3 of the required credit hours for graduation.  
              i. THESIS TRACK students must submit the M-1 by completion of 22 hours;            
              ii. RESEARCH PAPER TRACK students must submit M-1 by completion of 24 hours.
  1.          c. This, like all other forms, must be submitted to the DGS.
  2.          2. M-2: http://www.umsl.edu/divisions/graduate/files/pdfs/M2.pdf
  3.          a. The M-2 must be filled out only by students pursuing the Thesis Track;
  4.          b. The M2 should be submitted no later than the beginning of the student’s second            year of enrollment;
  5.          c. The bottom half of the M2 form is left blank. That portion will be filled out by thesis         committee members;
  6.          d. After the M-2 has been signed off on by thesis committee members, it needs to be           submitted to the DGS. 
  7.          3. M-3:  http://www.umsl.edu/divisions/graduate/files/pdfs/M3.pdf
  8.          a. The M-3 must be filled out only by students pursuing the Thesis Track
  9.          b. Preliminary approval of Master's Thesis is due 5 weeks before the end of final                semester;
  10.          c. The form must be signed by all members of the Thesis Committee and then                 submitted to the DGS
  11.          4. M-4: http://www.umsl.edu/divisions/graduate/files/pdfs/M4.pdf
  12.          a. This form—the application for a Master's Degree—is due by the end of the 3th                  week of classes in the final enrolled semester.
  13.          b. This form is for the standard “exit-checking” of each candidate’s academic records. Following submission,  the candidate will be notified only in the case of deficiencies or problems in the records.