Each digital exhibit was made by a staff member or student in coordination with a physical exhibit, event, or class which is now over.  As legacy sites, they may or may not work with all browsers and devices, and they may even be using outdated html. Some modernizing and fixing does take place however, so feel free to contact library staff if you spot something broken.

Adventures and Sufferings: The American Indian Captivity Narrative Through the Centuries
St. Louis & the Art of the Frontier
Reading the West: Lewis & Clark and the Shaping of America  Exhibit
The Crockett Almanacs and the Myth of the West
Sublime and Beautiful Mountain Scenery: Western Images of A. E. Mathews
Image & Imagination: Art of the American West
Missouri Splendor
Pictorial St. Louis

Notice: At this time, the Pictorial St. Louis interactive tool only works on desktops using the firefox or internet explorer browsers. It is being reworked to be compatible with other devices and browsers.