SLACRR 2023 Program  


Sunday, May 21, 2023  

4:00  “The Guise of the Good and the Normative Structure of Intentional Action”, Claire Kirwin (Northwestern)  

       Chair: Quinn White (Harvard)

5:35  “Credal Norms and the Ontology of Belief”, David Hunter (Toronto Metro) 

       Chair: Matthew McGrath (WUSTL)


Monday, May 22, 2023  

9:00  “Deciding Decision-Making Away”, Matthew Rachar (Douglas) & Jules Salomone-Sehr (McGill) 

       Chair: David Barnett (Toronto) 

10:35  “Inquiry and Metacognitive Feelings”, Julia Smith (Calgary) 

       Chair: Brian Talbot (Colorado) 

1:45  “Instrumental Reasons without Difference-Making”, Gunnar Björnsson (Stockholm; LGRP) 

       Chair: Nate Sharadin (Hong Kong) 

3:20  “Intentional Action in the Third and First Person”, Micha Gläser (Zurich) 

       Chair: Amy Levine (Chicago) 

4:55  “Moral Creditworthiness, Skill, and Virtue”, David Horst (Porto Alegre/Erlangen) 

       Chair: Sam Asarnow (Macalester) 


Tuesday, May 23, 2023  

9:00  “Rationality Reunified”, Keshav Singh (UAB) 

       Chair: Alex Horne (Cambridge)  

10:35  “Reason and Reasonableness”, Eliot Watkins (MIT) 

       Chair: Christopher Blake-Turner (Oklahoma State)   

1:45  “Rules, Rights, and Hedges”, Marshall Bierson (Catholic) [Co-authored with John Schwenkler (Leipzig/Illinois)]

       Chair: Luca Ferrero (UC-Riverside)

3:20  “The Deliberative Salience of Virtue and Vice”, Bob Bishop (CSU-Bernardino) 

       Chair: Eric Marcus (Auburn) 

4:55 “Acting for Reasons: An Acorn Account”, Alison Springle (Oklahoma) 

       Chair: Ekin Zeytinoglu (UCLA) 


SLACRR is supported by the Departments of Philosophy at UMSL, WUSTL and SLU.