SLACRR 2021 Program

All talks are in the Moonrise Hotel. 

Tuesday, August 10

John Brunero (Nebraska)
"Practical Reasons, Theoretical Reasons, and Underdetermination"
Chair: Jeff Behrends (Harvard)
10:35 Sarah Paul (NYU-Abu Dhabi)
"Plan B: Revisited"
Chair: Caroline Arruda (UT-El Paso)

11:50 Lunch Break
1:45 Juan S. Piñeros Glasscock (Georgia State)
“Knowledge-How and Practical Answers"
Chair: Eric Marcus (Auburn)
3:20 Kathryn Lindeman (South Carolina)
"The Beginning of Practical Reasoning"
Chair: Facundo Alonso (Miami U)
4:55 Whitney Lilly (Northwestern)
“Transformative Evaluation: The Epistemic Rationality of Becoming"
Chair: John Schwenkler (Florida State)
7:00 Dinner
Later Social @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Wednesday, August 11

9:00 Olle Risberg (Uppsala) & Daniel Fogal (NYU)
"Explaining Normative Reasons"
Chair: Billy Dunaway (UMSL)
10:35 Julia Staffel (Colorado)
"Bayesian Double Standards"
Chair: Michael Titelbaum (Wisconsin)
11:50 Lunch Break
1:45 Derek Lam (Wisconsin-Whitewater)
"Stipulative Agency"
Chair: Matthew Smith (Northeastern)
3:20 Hille Paakkunainen (Syracuse)
"Reasoning and Reasons for Belief"
Chair: Zoe Jenkin (WUSTL)
4:55 Megan Fritts (St. Scholastica)
"Reasons Explanations (of Actions) as Structural Explanations"
Chair: Joshua Smart (Southern Illinois-Edwardsville)
7:00 Dinner
Later Social @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop