SLACRR 2019 Program

All talks are in the Moonrise Hotel. 

Sunday, May 19

5:00-6:45 Keynote address: Anton Ford (Chicago)
  "Anscombe's Question 'Why?'”

7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Monday, May 20

Berislav Marusic (Brandeis)
“Interpersonal Reasoning”
Chair: Benjamin McMyler (Minnesota)
10:35-11:50 Graham Hubbs (Idaho)
Collectively Settling: Lessons from Intention on Collective Intentionality and Rationality
Chair:  Aaron Segal (Pittsburgh)

11:50 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 Eric Marcus (Auburn)
“Anscombe on the Difference Rationality Makes”
Chair: Jack Samuel (Pittsburgh)
3:20-4:35 Keshav Singh (UNC)
An Anscombean Account of the Right and Wrong Kinds of Reason
Chair: Kim Frost (Syracuse)
4:55-6:10 Matthias Haase (Chicago)
“Maker's Knowledge”
Chair: John Schwenkler (Florida State)
7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Tuesday, May 21

9:00-10:15 Ting Cho Lau (Notre Dame)
Epistemic Perspectivism and What One Ought to Know
Chair: John Brunero (Nebraska)
10:35-11:50 Marc-Kevin Daoust (Montréal)
“Apparent Reasons and Second-Best Epistemology”
Chair: Eric Sampson (UNC)
11:50 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 Liz Jackson (Notre Dame)
On the Independence of Belief and Credence
Chair: David Barnett (Toronto)
3:20-4:35 Oded Na'aman (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Emotional transitions, rational delay, and process rationality
Chair: Lubomira Radoilska (Kent)
4:55-6:10 Daniel Muñoz (MIT)
Why Isn't Supererogation Wrong?
Chair: Irem Kurtsal (Allegheny)
7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop