SLACRR 2016 Program

All talks are in the Moonrise Hotel. 

Sunday, May 22

5:00-6:45 Keynote address: Paul Boghossian (NYU)
"Reasoning and Reasons"

7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Monday, May 23

Lindsay Crawford (Connecticut College)
"Epistemic partiality and the question of priority"
Chair: Daniel Singer (Pennsylvania)
10:35-11:50 Max Parish (Oklahoma)
"Human nature, normativity and Aristotelian constructivism"
Chair: Evgenia Mylonaki (College Year in Athens, CYA)

11:50 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 Johanna Thoma (Toronto)
"Risk aversion and the long run"
Chair: Amelia Hicks (Kansas State)
3:20-4:35 Adam Marushak (Pittsburgh)
"The semantics of epistemic reasons and epistemic modals"
Chair: Jennifer Carr (Illinois)
4:55-6:10 Nicole Dular (Syracuse)
"Social-based theories of practical reason and the limits of oppression"
Chair: Kate Nolfi (Vermont)
7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Tuesday, May 24

9:00-10:15 Alex Gregory (Southampton)
"Why do desires rationalise behaviour?"
Chair: Ben Schwan (Wisconsin)
10:35-11:50 Nilanjan Das (MIT)
"Fragmented evidence"
Chair: David J. Barnett (Union)
11:50 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 Lilian O'Brien (University College Cork)
"Advice for those with cold feet"
Chair: Facundo Alonso (Stanford)
3:20-4:35 Garrett Cullity (Adelaide)
"Reasons and fit"
Chair: Chris Howard (Arizona)
4:55-6:45 Alida Liberman (Western Ontario)
"On the rationality of vow-making"
Chair: Julia Driver (WUSTL)
7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop