SLACRR 2011 Program

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

5:00-6:45 Jamie Dreier (Brown) - Keynote Address
The Metaethics and Metametaethics of Reasons Fundamentalism
7:00 Dinner @ Eclipse  
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop  

Monday, May 23, 2011

9:00-10:20 Brad Cokelet (Miami)
A Responsible Moral Constructivism
Comments by David Hunter (Ryerson)
10:40-12:00 Luca Ferrero (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Diachronic Rational Constraints
Comments by Sarah Paul (Wisconsin-Madison)
12:00 Lunch break  
1:30-2:50 Amber Griffioen (Konstanz)
I Lied Because I Love You: Love as a Reason for Self-and Other-Deception
Comments by Robert Johnson (Missouri)
3:10-4:30 Errol Lord (Princeton)
How to be a Narrow-Scoper about Absolutely Everything
Comments by Jonathan Way (Southampton)
5:00-6:20 Andrew Sepielli (Toronto)
Objective, Subjective, Hyper-Subjective
Comments by Brian Hedden (MIT)
7:00 Dinner @ π
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9:00-10:20 Andrew Reisner (McGill)
Leaps of Knowledge
Comments by Eric Marcus (Auburn)
10:40-12:00 Ryan Millsap (Maryland)
The Balancing Theory of "Ought" and Reasons Transmission
Comments by Anna Bergqvist (Stockholm)
12:00 Lunch break  
1:30-2:50 Declan Smithies and Jeremy Weiss (Ohio State)
Affective Phenomenology and Reasons for Action
Comments by Ariela Tubert (Puget Sound)
3:10-4:30 Matthias Haase (Basel / Harvard)
Realizing a Concept
Comments by Kathryn Lindeman (Pittsburgh)
5:00-6:20 Jussi Suikkanen (Birmingham)
Reason-Statements as Non-Extensional Contexts
Comments by Mark van Roojen (Nebraska)
7:00 Dinner @ Blueberry Hill  
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop