Standard Equipment included with the UCP

ITS has developed computer standards in order to keep hardware and support costs down. By using standard hardware, operating systems and applications, ITS can reduce the total cost of ownership, the time it takes to deploy a computer to a user, and the time it takes to fix and support issues related to the system. 

A Windows based laptop is the standard computer provided to users allowing workplace flexibility and mobility.  Users will have the option to obtain one external monitor, docking station allowing for external monitor support, wireless keyboard/mouse, and carrying case. 

Computers and associated peripherals will be refreshed after a minimum of 5 years or when they have reached end-of-life as determined by ITS.   

When ITS determines a system needs to be replaced, ITS will contact the end-user assigned to the computer via email to begin the multi-step replacement process.   ITS staff will provide guidance on preparing for setting up the new computer.

ITS is unable to delay replacement or hold equipment. Once the equipment is ready an appointment will be scheduled for replacement.  All systems and peripherals that have reached their end of life as determined by ITS must be surrendered to the Technology Support Center to be prepared for surplus.  All systems will have their hard drives securely wiped.   It is the responsibility of the UCP contact and/or Unit Business Managers to ensure the return of all equipment.

Systems purchased from university surplus are not allowed to be connected to the UMSL network and will not receive support from the Technology Support Center.

Exceptions to the Standard Computer

Exceptions to the standard computer can be reviewed under the following conditions:

  1. Documented requirements for the need for a different operating system, special hardware configurations, or other special needs not afforded under the standard option.
  2. Unit Business manager approves of the request.
  3. College, School or Division lead approves the need.

If the above 3 requirements are fulfilled, then the following must be observed:

  1. Technology Purchase Request including the above criteria is submitted, and CFO/CIO or their delegate approves the exception.
  2. The end user's unit/department will be financially responsible for any difference in cost above the current provided standard offering.
  3. The department acknowledges that support may be limited on the device and may not receive the full extent of support offered by ITS.

Departments shall assume the cost of any computers, upgrades, or additional peripherals beyond the standard workstation that is provided as part of the UCP.

Standard Services Included with the UCP

Support for UCP system shall be provided through the Technology Support Center.  These support services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Initial installation and setup of system
  • Connection to the campus network, phone system, and network printers
  • Connection to cloud resource offerings such as OneDrive
  • System diagnosis and resolution of reported problems
  • Evaluation to determine when components are eligible for replacement