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The 2023 Focus on Teaching and Technology Conference (FTTC) takes advantage of the best of an online and in person conference. This two day conference will house virtual sessions on Friday, September 29th building on the flexibility and accessibility allowed by that format. And on the second day of the conference, Friday, October 6th will house workshops, interactive and engaging sessions, and lots of reflective and fun opportunities including the return of our in person Exhibit Hall! We'll take full advantage of having everyone back together again in St. Louis! Each format offers an amazing opportunity for higher education faculty, administrators, staff, and students. Whether the roles of attendees involve course and curriculum development or academic technology support, FTTC provides a place to share and learn collaboratively. In addition, the conference offers a dynamic keynote speaker, faculty innovation idea-sharing, technology workshops, and vendor presentations. Our program evolves each year to reflect emerging trends in technology applications in higher education and shared expertise in online teaching experiences and strategies. Won't you come join us?

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On behalf of the FTTC planning committee, we would like to thank you considering attending our conference. If you have any suggestions on how to make the conference better this year or improve it for future years, please email us at fttc@umsl.edu