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Add Request

  • Students can add classes up through the first week of the semester using MyView.
  • Please refer to the semester calendar and important dates page.  If signatures are required to add your class or classes, please use the form above. It can be submitted using the UMSL Box application.  Please submit to your Professors UMSL Email
  • Once Provost approval is needed, please use the Late Registration Form, found on the Academic Affairs website.

Appeal of Fees (ONLINE only)

  • In order to appeal a course, you must do so within 90 days of the end of a fall or spring semester or within 30 days of the end of summer semester.
  • The course must not have been assigned a grade in the A to F scale.

Change of Name or Address

Diploma Request

Drop Request

  • Please refer to the semester calendar and important dates page
  • If you are attempting to drop a class in the current semester, and signatures are not required, please drop the class using the Enrollment/Drop Class option in MyView Self Service.
  • If signatures are required to drop your class, please log into MyGateway and utilize the online drop request.  If needed, please use these instructions.
  • If the class you are trying to drop is for a previous semester, please use the Late Drop Form, which contain instructions on how to submit securely.

Enrollment Verification Request

  • If you have your own lender provided deferment form, you may use it in lieu of the enrollment verification form above.
  • Please note, this request may take 3-5 business days.  For immediate access to proof of enrollment, please use the link below.
  • The completed form can be submitted to the Registrar's Office via our secure drop box at  Please use the email to submit your form.

Enrollment Verification Request (Online)

  • Access the link to obtain a certificate immediately, if available.

Inter-University (Graduate)

Inter-University (Undergraduate)

Late Drop Form

  • The Late Drop form is used in for past semesters.  Please follow the instructions included on the form.

Late Registration (For students cancelled for non-payment of fees)

  • If you were not cancelled for non-payment of fees and need to register late, please use the Late Registration form found on the Office of Academic Affairs webpage

Grade Appeal Procedures

Registration Form

Restriction or Release of Directory Information

Third Party Transcript Release

  • If requesting someone else to pick up your transcript, please submit this form as an attachment to your transcript request.

Verification of Attendance & Academic Progress (for unemployment verification)