Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Evaluation Criteria


Nominees for the Award will be evaluated based upon benchmark considerations found under each “Award Category” that demonstrate various aspects of the successful candidate’s entrepreneurial approach to business and its future. Also included is the judge’s personal knowledge of the applicant/nominee and/or the quality of the supporting materials that are submitted.

  • Visionary : Does the applicant/nominee envision himself/herself as a visionary? Demosnstrate How/Why?
  • Traction: How many years has the applicant/nominee been active in business?
  • Impact : How has the idea, product, service, process improvement, best practice had a demonstrable impact? Why will the innovation continue to have impact in the future?
  • Evolution . How has the nominee or the nominee’s company adapted to change in the industry or market, and to changes in technology? Why was this important and how was it accomplished? What steps are taken to ensure that the product or service remains relevant?
  • Growth . Has the innovation had a positive impact on the company’s sales, profitability, or market share? Has the idea, product, service, process improvement or best practice spawned imitators?
For more information regarding the UMSL Accelerate Entrepreneur of the Year  Awards, as well as for advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact First Last at name@umsledu or call (123) 456-7890.