Welcome to the Student Research Office

The Student Research Office (SRO) serves as the initial focal point for students who are interested in participating in undergraduate research at UMSL.  From here, you can get a general idea of how undergraduate research is organized and conducted across the campus.  You can also find links to specific departments and faculty webpages that you can use to help identify an appropriate research mentor.
We also provide links to various resources, both on and off the campus, that may be of use to you after you have begun your undergraduate research program.

St. Louis Undergraduate Research Symposium

Thanks to all of you who participated last April in the 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium.  We were very pleased by the good turnout of UMSL students at the symposium and the excellent quality of the posters.

This symposium is run each year by the local chapter of the American Society for Undergraduate Research, and is jointly sponsored by area universities, including UMSL, SIUC, SLU and WashU.  Although dates have not been released, we anticipate that the next conference will be in mid-April, 2016.  So it is not too early to get involved in an undergraduate research project so that you will have plenty of data for a poster next April.

The local chapter of the American Society for Undergraduate Research is a student-run organization.  If you would like to get involved or keep an eye out for the dates for the next symposium, you can visit their website at www.stlaurs.org.