Online Class Netiquette or Behavior

Participation in an on-line community brings with it some responsibilities

Be self-reflective before you post an emotional response and reread what you have written to be sure it is positive. Think of your comments as printed in the newspaper. Your online comments will be seen, heard and remembered by others in the class.

Ask for clarification to a point if you feel emotional from a classmate's post. It is likely that you misunderstood his/her point. This strategy will also help you step away from the intensity of the moment to allow for more reflection.

Sign your name. It is easier to build a classroom community when you know to whom you are responding.

Foster community. Share your great ideas and contribute to ongoing discussions. Consider each comment you make as one that is adding to, or detracting from, a positive learning environment for you and your classmates.

Be constructive. You can challenge ideas and the course content, but avoid becoming negative online. When you disagree politely you stimulate and encourage great discussion. You also maintain positive relationships with others with whom you may disagree on a certain point.

Keep the conversation on topic by responding to questions, adding thoughtful comments about the topics at hand. Online dialogue is like conversation. If there is a particular dialogue going on, please add to it, but if you have something new to say, please post it in another thread.

Define your terms. When using acronyms or terms that are particular to your field (or new to our course), please define them for others.