All students, including those taking night and online classes, who wish to park a motor vehicle on University of Missouri – Saint Louis property are required to display a valid, current parking permit.

Students may park in student designated parking lots and garages across campus and cannot park in faculty/staff allotted spaces or restricted areas.

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Temporary Parking Pass!

Annual Student Permits

  • Semester parking permits may be obtained at the Cashier's Office at 285 Millennium Center.
  • Motorcycle permits are also available at the Cashier's Office.

Temporary Daily Permits

  • Daily parking permits may be obtained at the Parking and Transportation Office at 44 Campus Police Building.
  • Daily parking permits are also available to enrolled students online by following the Temporary Parking Pass link above.
  • Students not enrolled in the current semester may obtain a parking permit for $1.00 per day at the Parking and Transportation Office (44 Campus Police Building).

Additional Information

  • All student permits are valid from the date of issue until the date of expiration printed on the permit.
  • Daily permits are valid only on the date for which they have been issued.
  • Students may acquire a second permit at no cost at the Cashier’s Office.
  • There is a $25 fee per permit for additional permits beyond the first two permits.

Rules and Regulations