The School of Social Work faculty are recognized locally, nationally and internationally for their research, teaching and service.  Faculty research focuses on changing lives through practice with individuals and families, communities, organizations and governments.  Their research and community service link directly to teaching through practice examples used in classes. These allow students to understand how course work applies to real-life situations.  

The School’s faculty have earned advanced degrees from the highest ranked social work graduate programs, and many faculty in social work and gerontology are sought out as experts in their field.  Areas of expertise include child welfare, immigration, substance abuse, adolescent development, community development, diversity, aging, individual development accounts and voluntary service.  Within the School, the faculty supports a collaborative learning environment providing an exceptional learning experience for students. 

The School's staff have extensive backgrounds in education and are often the first stop for students seeking help.  Staff are knowledgeable and approachable. 

Faculty News