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My book, Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence, is available from John Wiley and Sons. You can view all figures, tables, and informational boxes both on the web and also as PowerPoint slides. Both versions are available from the Table of Contents. To keep the content current, I maintain active DSS Web sites.

Current events, updates and errata are also available.

I just published anotehr book, You're Never Too Old to Surf: A Senior's Guide to Safe Computing! You can read more about the book here.

Currently Dr. Sauter is working on three research projects. One continues her systems engineering work by examining the importance of Swimlane Diagrams to the interaction of analysts and users. Her second research project is examining the relative satisfaction of IT professionals in ISO Certified and CMMI rated organizations, compared to the organizations that do not have either ISO or CMMI credentials. This ultimately will also examine the impact on maintaining women IT professionals. The third project currently is stalled, but interesting. It is a social-linguistic examingation of decision making styles.


 Research at Trimontium


Recent publications and working papers include:

·Jeyaraj, A. and V.L. Sauter, Validation of Business Process Models Using Swimlane Diagrams, Journal of Information Technology Management, XXV(4), December, 2014.

·Sauter, V.L. and R. Frese, "Improving your Odds for Software Project Success," IEEE Engineering Management Review, 42(4), December, 2014.

·Yan, A., and Sauter, V.L.,"Risk Management of Information Systems Development in Distributed Environment," Presented at the 2013 Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 15-17, 2013.

·Sauter, V.L., "The Absence of Gender Differences Among Students in an MIS Program," Communications of the AIS, 31(4), December, 2012.

·Sauter, V.L., Mudigonda, S., Subramanian, A., and Creely, R., "Visualization-Based Decision Support Systems: An Example of Regional Relationship Data," International Journal of Decision Support Systems Technology, 3(1), 2011.

·Sauter, V.L., "Information Technology Adoption by Groups Across Time," International Journal of e-Collaboration, 4(3), July-September, 2008, p. 51-76.

·Host H.H., Bourey A.T., Tatko B,and Sauter V.L. "Adherence To Home Exercise Programs In Outpatient Physical Therapy," J Orthop Sports Phys Therapy, 39(1), 2009, p. A13-A38.

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·Sauter, V.L., "Women in Computing: A New Look," Under Review by Communications of the AIS, 2008.

· Jeyaraj, A., and Sauter, V.L., "Experienced vs. Novice use of Diagramming Tools," Communications of the ACM, 14(3), May/June, 2007.

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· Sauter, V.L. and L.A. Madeo, "User-Acquainted Diagnostic Support Systems," International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 3(3), September, 2004.

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· Sauter, V.L. and K. Joshi, "An Analysis of Issues Affecting the Establishment of Computer Companies from Developing Nations in the World Computer Market," International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, Volume 3, Number 2,December, 1992, p. 143-160.

· Sauter, V.L., "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Modeling and Model Management Needs in a Decision Support System," Global Issues of Information Technology Management, S. Palvia, P. Palvia and R.M. Zigli (eds.), Harrisburg, PA: Idea Group Publishing, 1992, p. 332-355.

Soon I will have a page outlining current projects and other research interests. One of them is women in technology; you can view my log of articles from the media. Other areas that I am following because of ongoing research projects include: blog development, offshore software development, software language development and maturation, software quality, data mining (especially as they refer to homeland security), and security technology issues, including spam issues.

Read a report of Chris Argyris' seminar on "Implementable Validity", 27 November 2001 at London School of Economics, Department of Information Systems.

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