Current M.A. Students


Sarah Beach 

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Nyack College in NY. My primary research interests are epistemology, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of language. I am also interested in metaethics and the philosophy of action. I enjoy thinking and writing about topics that lie in the intersection of these fields, such as the semantics of 'knows that', the influence of forces such as implicit bias on beliefs and behavior, and rationality constraints on intentions. My non-philosophical interests include long distance running, skiing, and traveling.

William Bell 


Jeremy Compton

Garrett Dimond

John Dubuque

Jeffry Halbert
Jeffry HalbertI graduated from Webster University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a minor in philosophy. I also earned a Certificate in Practical and Interdisciplinary Ethics from Webster University. While I enjoy a wide range of philosophical topics, I am currently interested in focusing on applied ethics. Of specific concern are questions pertaining to environmental, political, religious and business ethics, and the necessary interrelation of those fields. My interest in philosophy stems from my belief that we can all be “more” than what we currently are. Granted, the definition of “more” can differ drastically from one person to the next, but the important part is that no matter who we are or what we are doing, we have the potential to learn, to grow and to do “more,” both for ourselves and the world around us. I believe it is the study of philosophy that provides us with the tools necessary to reach that potential. When I’m not trying to be “more,” I enjoy singing, going to see live music, reading, ice hockey and relaxing with my family—Miro (cat) and Parker (dog).

Michael Hicks

Shane Hughes
I hold undergraduate degrees in history and theology with minors in peace studies and gender and diversity studies from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am primarily interested in the history of philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophical anthropology, and the intersection of eastern and western thought. What I really seek, however, is enlightenment, or perhaps just another excuse to think and read all day.

Curtis Metcalf
I earned my bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Denver. My current interests include philosophy of religion, philosophy of law, social and political philosophy and ethics. I began my college career studying psychology and history, but soon discovered that what I really loved about those disciplines were the philosophy of mind and the history of philosophy, respectively. My current interests have drifted some from my original interests, but there is no doubt that what initially drove me to philosophy was my realization of how much philosophy was being done (or not done) in those history and psychology courses.

Justin Ormsby

RC Patterson

Philip Powe

​I am a lifelong resident of the St. Louis Metro area and grew up on the East Side. I hold a Master of Arts in Intellectual History and Bachelor of Arts from SIUE. I have worked in a variety fields from sportswriter and broadcaster to pasteurizer/cheese cook at a dairy. My current interest is in the philosophy of mind (particularly memory and perception) and in the history of philosophy.

Scott Prather

Graham Renz

I earned my BS in Biology and Psychology at Rockhurst University (Kansas City) in 2012. After graduating I worked for two years doing policy analysis for local governments. My primary philosophical interests are metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and the history of philosophy (mostly ancient and later commentary traditions). I also enjoy yelling at people about topics in political philosophy and economics. In general, I think all good philosophy should know about old farts from thousands of years ago.

Elliott Risch

Tyler Ryan

Caleb Sanders

Ashton Snider

Benjamin Wisniewski