Applicant Information


The following items are required for M.A. Admissions Application and must be received by the deadline:

Applications can be submitted online at through the Graduate School. Students may commence graduate work at the start of the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.

Tuition, Fees and Assistantships

Fees for graduate coursework can be found here. Graduate students who begin their UMSL careers as out-of-state students do not automatically acquire in-state status after a year's residency. The rules regarding these matters are in force throughout the UM system. Click here for details of this policy. All students who are United States citizens are eligible for federal loans, either subsidized or unsubsidized.

The Department awards a limited number of teaching assistant-ships per year in connection with the online courses we regularly offer. There is also a precedent for using Philosophy teaching assistants each Winter and Summer semester to teach online courses. There is furthermore a possibility of teaching Critical Analysis in the Pierre Laclede Honors College. Occasionally, faculty who have received grants or who organize conferences will hire students as their graduate research assistants. For example, Berit Brogaard's lab, the St. Louis Synesthesia Research Team, offers several research assistantships per semester. We also employ graduate students as graders for some of our undergraduate classes with high enrollment. Graduate students must teach, assist in, or grade for two courses in a semester in order to qualify as .5 FTE (full time employment). With this status comes a $2500 salary plus full tuition remission for up to 9 hours during a regular semester or 6 hours during a summer semester. Students must still pay fees. The Department tries to distribute these limited resources according to appropriate principles of fairness. Graduate students who are not Missouri residents can qualify for in-state tuition and fees if they teach, assist in, or grade for courses to make up at least .25 FTE (although they will not receive tuition remission with less than .5 FTE). The students with the best academic records receive the TA-ships and the GRA-ships.