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Become a SUCCEED Peer Support!

What is SUCCEED?

SUCCEED is a post-secondary program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 18 through 25 years. It is a two-year residential program on the campus of UMSL.

Designed to encourage and develop pathways toward independence, SUCCEED offers an individualized approach to career development. The curriculum, learning activities, and internships are structured around social interaction, personal development, independent living skills, preparation for employment and/or preparation for a degree-seeking program.

What is a Peer Support?

A peer support is a friend, confidant, colleague and a partner. A peer support is not a provider, a teacher or a savior. Peers and their SUCCEED counterparts are peers--learning and growing from each other.

3 types of Peer Supports

Who can be a Peer Support?

What are the Expectations?

Contact grantal@umsl.edu for more information.