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Take 105 hours of classroom training, including a capstone class and two other required courses and as few as three electives, and you will be awarded a Certificate in Digital Media Marketing. Completion of your certificate can be done in as little as two semesters.

Digital Strategies Course (21 hours) (Capstone)

In this capstone class, students will research and build out an integrated marketing plan for a business to be selected by the instructor. In particular, they will learn how to conduct a market segment analysis, determine their target’s consumption of digital and social media, assess the competition, determine pricing and promotion, set strategy by channel, identify key performance indicators for monitoring the business and lastly learn how to set goals both long and short term. Students will bring everything they have learned together showing they know how to build a truly integrated marketing plan. Students will work in small teams on this project.

All prior certification requirements must be met prior to taking this course. The final team presentation will be made in front of a judging committee comprised of the instructor, program director and members of the Digital Media Marketing Advisory Board.Digital Strategies