Transfer Services

Eligibility Requirements


Criteria for Entering the Dual Admission Program

Criteria for Maintaining Dual Admission Status

All students in the DAP must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) based on all college-level work -- 100 level or above -- as calculated by the sending institution.

They also must maintain good academic standing as defined by each institution. A student who is dropped from the DAP may continue at either institution if academically eligible to do so. When good standing is regained, the student may be reinstated to DAP as long as he/she still is within the 45-credit-hour limit for participation.

Students must complete the appropriate transfer degree at STLCC within three years of acceptance into the DAP and enroll at UMSL within one academic semester following graduation from STLCC.

A student may end the dual admission agreement at any time before completion of the transfer associate degree at STLCC. He/she will be expected to submit in writing to both institutions the decision to withdraw from the program. This student now will be subject to standard application and admissions procedures at UMSL.