Transfer Services

Academic Advising


Knowing the important role that academic advising plays in a student's college success, counselors and advisors at STLCC and academic advisors at UMSL are available to assist you in tailoring your program to meet your long-term educational goals.

An integral counterpart to academic advising is the degree audit report sent to you each semester by UMSL. This report is a statement of your progress toward completion of UMSL's academic undergraduate education requirements, specific to your major. It indicates how your courses taken at STLCC will transfer to UMSL in your intended major program.

As a service to you as a DAP student, an appointment with your UMSL DAP transfer advisor will be made with you each semester that you are attending STLCC.

If you change your major, you will need to notify your counselor and/or academic advisor at STLCC and your UMSL transfer coordinator. Once this change is conveyed to the UMSL Registrar's office, your records will be updated to ensure requirements in the Degree Audit Reporting System report reflect your new major. When the change has been processed, you may request a degree audit of all completed coursework.