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Qualtrics may be used for any surveys or evaluations that would include UMSL users and/or Non-UMSL users. This tool is available to UMSL faculty, staff and students. Replacing Skylight, Qualtrics meets UMSLs obligations for data collection involving IRB standards or any other privacy standard. Support and access to Qualtrics will be available through the Learning Resource Lab.

Qualtrics users can send and track participation invitations and reminders; display survey results in real time, graphically and statistically; and export raw data in a variety of formats (CSV, XML, HTML and SPSS).

Other key features include the following:

Additional Resources for using Qualtrics:

Create a Qualtrics account at UMSL

Qualtrics home page (for general information)

Qualtrics support resources

If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule an appointment to go over the features of Qualtrics, contact the Learning Resource Lab.