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Panopto: An Easy Way to Create Presentations for Your Students

Panopto is a presentation tool integrated in Canvas that allows instructors and students to conveniently and easily record, capture and share video presentations. Using Panopto, users can record voice, computer screens, PowerPoint slides and other video sources, and then easily save their presentations so that people can view them. Panopto is an easy way to create course lectures, study guides, course introductions, test reviews and so much more:

Panopto is an application that you download to your computer. So, how do I get Panopto?

  1. In Canvas, click the "Panopto Recordings" link:

  2. Click the green "Create" button, which then reveals the menu below:

  3. Click "Record a new session." If you have Panopto already downloaded, it will open, but if this is your first time using Panopto, you will get the following download options:

OK, now I have Panopto. Now what?