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Additional Services

The Learning Resource Lab provides instructors with the tools and materials needed to integrate technology into their teaching and learning objectives.

LRL Services

  • Facilitate users’ understanding of and proficiency with Canvas
  • Individual consulting related to technology use, including content management and streaming
  • Workshops which focus on a variety of technology topics
  • Onsite visits consisting of tutorials and consultations with departments and individuals
  • Support faculty, staff and doctoral students who wish to use assessment instruments to collect data (course evaluations, student surveys, and research)
  • Demonstrate and recommend software tools to faculty/staff interested in developing personal websites
  • Scan text documents into electronic format
  • Conversion of files and images into different formats for presentations, websites, etc.
  • Conversion of various media (DVD, CD, audio cassette and VHS tape) to digital files
  • Access to UMSL network
  • Access to internal computers, printers, and scanners
  • Upload files to faculty accounts
  • Sign-out equipment: webcams, headphones, and cameras etc.

Please contact the LRL if you have additional questions.

For software downloads, please visit our Software Distribution Page (login required).