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Success with Succeed Program!

Succeed Student Shea


Instructional Support Services has had a successful and rewarding partnership with the SUCCEED Program since 2013. During this time, we have employed several SUCCEED students into our student “consultant” workforce with great success. The real-life work experience gained by these students has not just benefited the SUCCEED Program, but in turn, has also provided us with hardworking, dependable, and eager student workers. We continue to be pleased with this partnership and we look forward to many more rewarding years together!

David Maczynski

Supervisor – Instructional Support Services


For the past 5 years, the Instructional Support Service team of UMSL has played a viable role as a vocational partner with the SUCCEED program. They meet a high standard on campus, by providing a diverse and inclusive environment, for all learners.

The staff, senior consultants and consultants live the mission, to provide a work environment designed to gain valuable, transferrable skills within the workplace.

As one of our longest running vocational partners, ISS has stood very firm that, the Succeed students gaining a vocational experience with their department, will always have a paid opportunity and not a trial basis or volunteer position.

ISS’s mission to include all students is prioritized with training for senior consultants to learn best practices when working with someone with a diverse background. The impact of this partnership has not only benefited UMSL staff but the students as well.

Succeed students employed by ISS gain meaningful work experiences that benefit long-term. Learning how to provide good customer service, technology support and establishing boundaries for healthy work relationships are just a few of the skills Succeed students have gained while working for ISS. Students enter this work environment ready to learn and gain the skills to go out and serve.

We are grateful for the support of this on-campus partner and value their dedication to providing on campus employment for our students.

Maya J. Harris

Program/Project Support Coordinator – SUCCEED Program