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We offer hundreds of summer courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For a comprehensive list of summer courses, visit the online schedule of courses and search by choosing your course career and selecting 2018 Summer Session. Then, add any additional search criteria to find the classes that are right for you.

Explore a sampling of our summer course offerings below:

General Education and Freshman/Sophomore Level Courses

Class Course Name Section Room Days and Times
Art HS 1100 Introduction to Western Art 001-INT Session II Online Online
Biol 1012 General Biology 001-INT Session VI Online Online
Chem 2223 Quantitative Analysis 00A-LEC Session V 400 Clark Hall M,W: 10-11:40
Comm 1040 Introduction to Public Speaking 001-LEC Session 1 314 Clark Hall M,T,W,R: 10-12:30
Econ 1001 Principles of Microeconomics 001-INT Session V Onlline Online
Engl 1100 First-Year Writing 001-RSD Session V 202 Lucas Hall M,T,W,R: 9-10:15
Hist 2000 Select Topics in History 001-LEC Session V 100 Lucas Hall M,W: 9:30-11:40
Math 1030 College Algebra 001-LEC Session V 213 Clark Hall M,T,W,R: 10:35-11:50
Media 1070 Introduction to Cinema 001-INT Session V Online Online
Phil 1151 Love 101 001-INT Session III Online Online
Physics 1012 Basic Physics II 0A0-LEC Session II 118 Social Science M,T,W,R: 9:30-12
Pol Sci 1100 Introduction to American Politics 001-INT Session 1 Online Online

Advanced Undergraduate Courses for Juniors and Seniors

Class Course Name Section Room Days and Times
Acctng 3421 Accounting Information Systems E01-RSD Session V 104 Express Scripts Hall M: 6-8:40
Biol 4712 Biochemistry E01-LEC Session IV 63 JC Penney M,T,W: 5:30-8
Com Sci 2750 System Programming E01-LEC Session V 103 Express Scripts Hall T,R: 5:30-8
Crimin 3270 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 001-INT Session V Online Online
Ed Psy 3312 Psychology of Learning 001-RSD Session V 111 SCC M,W: 11:45-2:15
Engl 3130 Technical Writing 001-INT Session IV Online Online
Finance 3520 Investments 001-RSD Session V 332 SSB M,W: 9:30-12:10
InfSys 3845 Database Management Systems E01-RSD Session V 106 Express Scripts Hall T,R: 6-8:40
Mgmt 3621 Human Resource Management C01-INT Session II SCCC M,T,W,R: 6-8:40
Nurse 3120 Foundations of Nursing 00A-LEC Session VI 107 Seton Center T,W: 9-11:50
Soc 3600 Management and Org.Behavior 001-INT Session I Online Online

Graduate and Professional Level Courses

Class Course Name Section Room Days and Times
Bus AD 5100 Managerial Communication G01-RSD Session IV 132 SSB M,W: 6-8:40
Comm 6900 Directed Readings in Communication G01-IND Session VI Arranged Arranged
Ed Fnd 6430 Critical Race Theory in Education G01-LEC Session VI 209 SCC Sa: 10-1:30
Ed Tech 5301 Intro to Computers in Education G01-INT Session V Online Online
Finance 6500 Financial Management GO1-INT Session V Online Online
Hist 6122 Collaborative Research G01-RSD Session V Arranged Arranged
Mktg 5761 Business to Business Marketing G01-RSD Session I 218 SSB M,T,W,R: 6-8:40
Mus Ed 5810 Foundations of Music Education G01-LEC Session II 307 Honors College M,T,W,R: 1-3:30
Nurse 6322 Evaluation Strategies in Nursing G01-LEC Session VI Online Online
Optom 8650 Geriatric Optometry G01-RSD Session VI G08C Marillac F: 8-1
PPAdm 6340 Seminar in City Administration G01-RSD Session VI 332 SSB R: 6-9
Soc Wk 5801 Foundation Field Practicum Seminar G01-FLD Session VI 221 Bellerive Hall T: 3:30-5:30

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