Student Organization Advisors are essential to the execution of the organization’s daily operations throughout the academic year as well its annual officer transition process All registered and recognized student organizations are required to have at least one faculty or staff advisor that is .75 FTE (30 hrs/week). By understanding UMSL policy and procedures, advisors are able to serve as a resource for student members to ensure the organization’s functionality and compliance with the Office of Student Involvement.

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Responsibilities of an Advisor

Advisor involvement is mostly contingent upon the organization’s purpose and the corresponding level of activity; however, the University has an expectation that advisors will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • To understand and convey University policies and procedures governing UMSL students and student organizations.
  • To assist with the officer transition process. 
  • To share knowledge of University and community resources.
  • To understand and convey proper usage of University funds.
  • To be aware of and approve all organizational programs, activities, and use of University funds.
  • To advise the organization on how to make practical decisions when planning events.
  • To encourage collaboration with other student organizations and University departments.
  • To ensure that the organization's activities are aligned with its purpose.
  • To assist the organization in assessing its relevance among UMSL’s general student body.

The knowledge possessed by an advisor is vital to the organization’s members’ development of life, professional, and leadership skills.  Advisors should openly offer suggestions and reasonable criticisms that are geared toward the advancement of the student leaders and the organization.