Digital Signage Request

This service is for Student Involvement recognized organizations and campus departments only. If you are not sure if your organization is recognized by Student Involvement, please check the list of Student Organizations.


  • You must submit this form and an image at least one week before we can run the advertisement. No exceptions.
  • If student organizations need an image designed you must submit an art request for it.
  • Advertisements will run for no more than two weeks.
  • Only one advertisement may be submitted per event/program.
  • Advertisements will be displayed on selected screen(s) for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Advertisements must be geared toward student interests.
  • It is the reasonability of the sponsoring organization or department to create and submit the advertisement.
  • The digital signage administrators have the discretion to refuse to run a request as they deem necessary.

Advertisement Specifications

  • The advertisement must be 1340 PIXELS WIDE BY 754 PIXELS TALL.
  • The advertisement must be a .JPG file.
  • The complete name of the sponsoring organization or department must be included on the advertisement.
  • Font should be easy for viewers to read.
  • Advertisements may be denied and returned due to copyright infringements, image distortion, and grammar/spelling errors.
  • All digital signage material must be in compliance with University policies.
  • Please email with any questions or concerns.


For your convenience, templates are provided below. Please remember that you must save these images as a .JPG before submitting for inclusion in the digital signage.

(Right Click > Save As)

Publisher Template

Photoshop Template

Illustrator Template

Indesign Template

JPEG Template

You must submit this form and an image at least ONE WEEK before you want the advertisement to run. The form will not allow you to choose a start date earlier than one week. No exceptions will be made.

Advertisements will run no more than two weeks.

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