Give Yourself Time to Advertise

Remember to give yourself plenty of time to actually advertise. We recommend at least two weeks of advertising. It takes two weeks to get you the artwork , with possibly another week of revisions depending on how quickly we can go back and forth on those. Total you are looking at at least five weeks ahead of the event date as when you should put in your Art Request to get the full benefits of this service. 


Proof Read

Proof read before hitting submit. We do not correct grammar or add information for you. If you get it submitted correctly the first time we can avoid unnecessary revision time.


Be Specific

Be specific in your notes and feedback. The better you know what you want, the better we can get it to you. Of course, you don’t have to tell us exactly what graphics and colors to use (we still like to stretch our creative muscles) but the more info you can give us about what you want the better.


Give Examples

If you have examples of the style or imagery you are looking for please upload those with your request.


High Res

If you have images that you want included in your artwork, give us the highest resolution image you can (biggest size). The banners are printed very large so if we put a small image on there it will be blown up to the large size and look pixilated or blurry.


K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Get your event information across with the least amount of text necessary. Big paragraphs of text are too much too for people passing by to read and won’t be legible on the large banners.


Do Your Part

After submitting your request be on the lookout for a proof of the artwork for you to either approve or give us things you want changed. The sooner you get back to us with changes or approval, the sooner you can start advertising.


Always make sure to answer these questions when putting together your request:

  • Who – organization sponsoring and who the event is for)
  • What – short description of the event or descriptive title
  • When – Day and Hour of the event
  • Where – Location
  • Why – What’s the point of this event
  • Call to Action – “Don’t Miss Out”, “Register Online here…”, “Come Celebrate…”, etc


Phrases of Poor Direction

The following phrases, and similar phrases, should never be used when giving direction on artwork:

  • Give it that Wow Factor
  • Make it pop
  • Make it cool/hip
  • Give it a new look
  • Jazz it up
  • Spice it up

There are many more specific ways to convey your ideas. For example instead of saying "make it pop" say, "I want this part to stand out" or "I need the focus to be about this..." etc. Phrases like "Jazz it up" could have so many different meanings what you are talking about may not come through in your direction. Be more specific in what you want. If you don't know what you want it will be very difficult for us to give you what you want.

The best way to avoid all this is to, instead of telling us how to design, give us "the why". Why do you want it to "pop"? Is it because everything seems too muddled together? Why does it need that "Wow Factor"? Is it because it looks too much like the other ads around campus? 

If we know the why we can better come up with a creative solution to the problem.