Welcome to the University of Missouri - St. Louis! We are excited that you have decided to make UMLS your new campus home. 

Transferring to a new school can sometimes be incredibly scary for a lot of reasons. Several incoming transfer students worry that current students have already found their friends from freshmen year and aren't intersted in meeting you. That is NOT the case at UMSL - and Greek Life can be a great way to meet a lot of new people and to become more connected to the University!

In fact, several of our current fraternity & sorority members also joined after transferring to UMSL. See some of their stories below!

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Transfer Student 1

Testimony - coming soon!

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Transfer Student 2

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Transfer Student 3

Testimony - coming soon!

We recognize that as a transfer student, you potentially fall into one of the catergories below:

This is great news! We are happy you are considering fraternity/sorority membership! The first step is to join the "Fraternity & Sorority Life" portal within TritonSync. There you will find all of our contact information and upcoming events!

For all chapters, please contact the chapter president of your organizatoin. You can find that contact information within the FSL webpages. They will assist you in navigating the inter/national organization process for transferring into the UMSL chapter. You can also directly contact the inter/national organization to gain more information about the transfer process. If you need any additional help with this transfer process, do not hesitatte to reach out to the Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Mindy Dilley, at dilleym@umsl.edu or 314.516.4031. 

Please note that if you do not successfully transfer into your chapter of affiliation, or do not desire to become a member of that chapter, you are ineligible to become a member of a different fraternity/sorority on UMSL’s campus. 

You will not be able to seek membership in another Greek organization at UMSL, unless formal release permisson has been given from your inter/national organiztaion. Keep in mind that the commitment you make to your fraternity/sorority is a lifelong commitment and only in rare and extenuating circumstances will an organization release you from your membership.

We strongly discourage you from being dishonest about your current Greek affiliation in an attempt to become a member of a chapter at UMSL.

Many organizations have alumni groups in the area and the Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorroit Life will be happy to assist you in finding members of your fraternity/sorority in the area. We encourage you to remain connected with your fraternity/sorority through alumni involvement and to remember the values of your organization as you experience life at UMSL.

Contact Mindy Dilley, Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life, at dilleym@umsl.edu or 314.516.4031.