At UMSL we celebrate diversity! Whether it’s diversity of culture, heritage, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of our lives.

We know that the more diverse our school is, the stronger we are as individuals and as a community. With Student Orgs and celebrations of all cultures we make it easy for all students to learn about and contribute to diversity in our lives.

History and Heritage Months

Throughout the year we host events to coincide with national history and heritage months that help the UMSL community learn about an honor the diversity of people and cultures around us. Learn more about each month and it's schedule of events here.


Diversity and Cultural Student Organizations

There are many ways to celebrate diversity at UMSL, and one of the best ways is to get involved with our many student organizations that support, advocate for, and celebrate diversity and inclusion. These groups of students get together to host events and share their experiences that help spread messages of diversity and inclusions for all.

List of Organizations