purpose of review

  • Ensure departments are processing payroll correctly in Time and Labor
  • Ensure that your files are retained according to the retention guidelines established by the UM System Records Department
  • Offer assistance
  • Prepare you for an external audit

What we look for

  • Correctly completed timesheets
    • Ensure each employee has a punch-in and punch-out time
    • Employees are using the correct TRC codes
    • Compensatory Time is calculated and earned on the proper day
    • Review Payable Time detail to ensure time is being saved, submitted and approved.
  • Time and Labor entered correctly
    • Total hours reported on the electronic timesheet must be accurately entered in Time and Labor.
    • Total absence hours must be accurately entered in Time and Laor using the correct Time Reporting codes.
    • A Time Reporter enters his or her time into Time and Labor. A Time Approver then reviews and approves the time entered by the Time Reporter.