Changes to the FSA PIN

On May 10 Federal Student Aid (FSA) websites (including FAFSA and NSLDS) were converted to a user ID and password authentication as opposed to PIN authentication. User ID and password authentication is how you sign in to most other websites, including all UMSL sites. When you first try to access an FSA website after May 10, you will be required to set up your user ID and password for the first time. Thereafter, you will use that user ID and password instead of your PIN. For more information about the transition, please see this flyer from the US Department of Education.

2015-2016 Financial Aid

Financial Aid for most students has been disbursed to the Cashiers Office. Aid from the State of Missouri (e.g. Missouri Access Grants and Bright Flight Scholarships) will not be disbursed to student accounts until we receive the funds from the State. This may take 2-3 weeks yet.

If you have aid on your account that has not disbursed, please be sure that you have accepted the aid in MyView and that you meet the requirements for the aid program. If you have questions about your aid, please do not hesistate to contact our office. 

If you have not received notice that your financial aid is ready, please verify that you have completed your FAFSA and that it was sent to UMSL. Also be sure to check your To-Do list on MyView to verify that we don't require additional documentation from you to package your financial aid . We notify all students at their UMSL student email addresses if we require additional information to package their aid and when their financial aid packages are ready