Welcome to UMSL!

We're glad to have you as a faculty member. Part-time faculty make up over 50% of the faculty at UMSL and are one of the most valuable resources our students have. The wealth of experience brought by part-time faculty is irreplaceable. This short guide will help you with any questions you might have, including: preparing to teach your class, services to assist you and your students, how to maximize the resources available to you. We want you to combine your expertise with the knowledge gathered below. On behalf of the Center for Teaching and Learning, welcome to UMSL. 

Getting Started


Your Single Sign-On Identification (SSO ID) is an important component to accessing all the technology systems at UMSL. As its name denotes, it allows you to log in to nearly every networked system on campus--from printers to the Wifi. If you haven't received your SSO ID and password yet, ask the administrative professional of your department to complete the New Employee Request System to add your account. Once the request has been submitted, you should have access to some systems like the wireless network and Canvas LMS but the request will still need to be processed through the Human Resources office to get access to all of UMSL's systems.


The syllabus is one of the most important parts of your course. Since the course you're teaching has likely been taught before, there should be a syllabus on record for past iterations of the course. To get access to the course syllabus, contact the Administrative Assistant in your department or the person overseeing your hiring process. Once you've received the syllabus, you can make changes to it at your discretion. If they don't have one on file, you may need to create your own.

Below are some resources for what to include in your course syllabus. 

Required Training

FERPA Training

All faculty are required to take training on the Federal Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) in order to have access to their course roster and permission to enter grades through MyView--UMSL's student registration system.

To access and complete the FERPA training follow these directions.

After successfully completing the training, contact the registrar's office (Registration@umsl.edu; 314-516-5546) to notify them you've completed the training.

More information about using MyView to access rosters and grades for your course(s).

Discrimination Prevention and Title IX Training

All faculty are required to take training on discrimination prevention and Title IX. 

Access Training

Parking and Transportation

One of the first things you'll want to do is register your vehicle for a parking permit. Faculty can park in any faculty or student lot on campus. After following the link below, you can log in with your SSO ID and password to register your vehicle. You will need to know the vehicle's license plate number. After registering, expect to receive your parking pass in the mail (campus or traditional) within 7  business days. If you don't receive it, reach out to the Parking and Transportation office for help. Parking and Transportation also offers free vehicular assist should you ever have a dead battery, flat tire, or some other issue.

Register Your Vehicle

Arriving via Metro? UMSL has two metro stops on the red line, UMSL-North Station and UMSL-South Station. Please consult the campus map to identify the station closest to the classroom you'll be teaching in if you with to take Metro to campus. UMSL also has free shuttles that drive between North and South Campus at regular intervals.

Helpful Contacts

Center for Teaching and Learning
519 Lucas Hall
Phone: 314-516-4508
Email: ctl@umsl.edu
Web: www.umsl.edu/ctl
The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), a division of the Office of Academic Affairs, supports the professional development of those who teach and learn at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Our goals - to promote engagement in courses, on campus, and in the community - enhance the University as we align our activities, services, and consultations with the campus goals to promote excellence in teaching, research, and service. We offer individual faculty consultations as well as numerous programs and events.

Learning Resource Lab
105 Express Scripts Hall
Phone: 314-516-6704
Email: frc@umsl.edu
Web: www.umsl.edu/technology/lrl/
The Learning Resource Lab is a division of Information Technology Services (ITS). Our mission is to support faculty, Teaching Assistants (TA’s), graduate students and administrative staff through the use of technology. By introducing new tools, integrating technology to meet teaching and learning objectives and implementing strategies to help users achieve maximum results, our services strengthen teaching and learning with technology as part of UMSL's mission to bring quality education to the community. The LRL can help with the ins-and-outs of anything related to Blackboard or the other educational technologies supported by UMSL.

Instructional Support Services
103 Social Sciences Building
Phone: 314-516-6852
Email: ic@umsl.edu
Web: www.umsl.edu/technology/iss/
Instructional Support Services (ISS) is a division of Information Technology Services whose aim is to provide support to all open classrooms and computing labs on campus; train faculty, staff, and students on various aspects of the technology in these rooms; as well as to provide quality assurance to ensure that the technology in these rooms serve the campus community to the best of their ability. IS always strives to stay current with technology, classroom and lab room design, and study space design to create the optimal learning environment and college experience. ISS can support anything you want to do in the classroom and troubleshoot any classroom problems you experience.