Faculty Orientations

Orientations are tailored to full-time and part-time faculty, respectively. Depending on the group orientations will introduce: (1) campus services which support faculty and students; (2) campus supports for teaching and learning including integrating technology into courses; (3) service-learning and civic engagement opportunities; (4) research and funding opportunities.

In order to acquaint new full-time and part-time faculty with University of Missouri-St. Louis' policies, procedures, technology resources, teaching and learning strategies, and support services for both students and themselves, the following program links provide a convenient means to access and review pertinent information. Knowing and using available resources are also considered essential for faculty success at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The Center for Teaching and Learning annually compiles a Faculty Resource Guide with companion documents that include essential information and contacts related to UMSL Policies and Procedures. 

Faculty Resource Guide (PDF)
Rules and Regulations (PDF)
Behaviors of Concern Chart (PDF)

Try to Obtain your UMSL Login Information Before the Orientation

The success of the orientation increases if participants have Canvas and Exchange (e-mail) accounts. Administrative assistants and Department Chairs may authorize these accounts as soon as new colleagues are identified. Request new accounts online.

Departments are encouraged to complete this process early so that faculty members are assigned in the system to the courses they will be teaching. This can be completed before formal paperwork is processed as long as you have social security numbers and birth dates for each newcomer.

  1. Request faculty assignment to Canvas course(s) at: log into Canvas;
  2. Then, click Help and Canvas Request System tab;
  3. Then Course User.

If you have any difficulty or questions, please contact the Learning Resource Lab, lrl@umsl.edu or phone 314-516-6704.