Programs are planned each academic year to orient full-time and part-time faculty, and teaching assistants to the campus community. These programs are sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with the Offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the Library, and Information Technology Services. Videoconferences, forums, and faculty conversations are scheduled throughout the academic year.

A goal of the Center is to be the office contacted when faculty seek guidance in their instructional work. Consultations are available to interested faculty and graduate students regarding teaching enhancements, mid-semester feedback, end-of-course evaluations, use of Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF), and instructional design supports for traditional and online courses.

Our programs focus on:

Serving faculty and graduate students
"My experience with the NFTS program not only offered me the much needed direction and innovative methods in teaching, but also connected me to the campus and university and gave me a network of peers."

Supporting research

"I really ......... appreciate your help with the teaching component of the [NSF] CAREER grant. Without your help and the resources of the CTL "library", I really doubt that I would have had any chance to get the award."

Integrating technology
"The integration of technology on campus would not have occurred as quickly or as well without the support, information, and encouragement provided by the Center."

Improving learning
"[The Center] has broadened my mind and made me think outside the box as to how to achieve greater success for my students and facilitate student's growth."

Faculty feedback solicited for the 2006 Center Program Review.