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In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis are given a “Right to Privacy”. When a student wishes to allow third party (parental) access to their educational records, the student may login to the MyView system and register that third party for Additional Authorized Access. Additional Authorized Access can include one or all of the following options, depending on the student assigning access:

  • Student Accounts / Billing / Payment – Grants access to view and print current and past bills, view current charges and the ability to pay online.
  • Academic Information – Grants access to view Class Schedule and Grades.
  • Directory Information – Grants access to view address, e-mail, and phone information.
  • Financial Aid – Grants access to view financial Aid Information.

All permissions granted will stay in effect until revoked by the student.

If the student is claimed as a legal dependent on either parent’s most recent federal income tax return, the university may release information to the student’s parent(s). However, the university is not required to do so, and prefers that students take the initiative to disclose and discuss academic goals and progress with their parents.

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