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MyView Access

Faculty are granted permission automatically once they have an active HR appointment, have completed and passed the FERPA Exam, are attached to a course as the instructor in MyView, and have at least one student enrolled in their course.

Staff - Staff must have an active HR appointment, and complete and pass the FERPA exam.  The staff members supervisor will need to submit a request on their behalf.  Request for MyView access should be submitted through the required Google form.  The form will capture the email of the supervisor which serves as the their approval.  

Please also use the google form to request additional access to an existing MyView user.  The same information is required.  The supervisor will need to submit the request.  

Information that is required in your request includes:   

  • Employee's SSO ID

  • EmplId

  • Academic Org or Department

  • Types of access needed (i.e. view student name, address, rosters etc.). Please be specific.

  • If you have not passed the FERPA exam, please login to MyLearn and complete the FERPA course

  • You will need the Department Chair and Dean's approval before access can be granted or modified. The supervisor, Department Chair, or Dean should submit the google form, which equates to their approval.  

  • If you need access to one of the following, please contact the individuals below for requesting that access.

    • Admissions - Mark Curry

    • Financial Aid - Samantha Matchefts

    • Student Financial's (Cashiers) - Mitch Hess

For additional assistance, please contact Mary Clanahan at