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Opportunity Scholars

Opportunity Scholars

Scholarship + Career Experiences = Success in St. Louis

The Opportunity Scholars Program provides a unique opportunity for St. Louis-area high school students to receive an all-inclusive, four-year scholarship to the University of Missouri–St. Louis, and opportunities to develop career experience. The program focuses on academically gifted first-generation college students and/or students who are underrepresented in the work force from certain academic fields – primarily, but not limited to, the sciences, technology, engineering, and math.

Overview of benefits

Students who are selected as scholars in the Program will be awarded a scholarship to cover their full tuition, fees, and books for up to four years. In addition, they will live in Oak Hall, our residential life building, and be active participants as a cohort in the Opportunity Scholars Program and in the thriving academic community at large. The Program will cover the normal costs of room and board for Scholars. Finally, Scholars in the program will receive unique opportunities for advising, mentoring, and career experiences.

General Guidelines

Interested candidates will need to meet these general criteria: 

For more detailed information and deadlines, please review the Scholarship Criteria.