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P-053: Ed Fry Naval Architecture Collection

SCOPE: This collection is currently undergoing processing to determing scope and holding in detail, but is known to contain a large array of blueprints, both of complete vessels and add-on components for boats, as well as papers, correspondence, and photographs related to the business of FRYCO Yacht Services.

EXTENT: Total holdings will be determined upon completion of processing.

HISTORY: Edward D. Fry was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1935. He was a second generation boat builder and had an early exposure to the boat building industry in his father’s boatyard along the Mississippi River. As a young man, Fry served apprenticeships in this yard under all boatbuilding disciplines available to him and developed an appreciation for the materials, machinery, and labor that went into projects from start to finish. Fry formally began in professional involvement in the field in 1954.

Throughout his career in boatbuilding, Fry took an active interest in contributing to the field, publishing numerous articles about naval architecture design and construction. He also served as member and director to many societies of naval engineering and architecture. Fry served as CEO to two different boat building firms before establishing his own independent design firm, FRYCO Yacht Services, in 1978.

Under the FRYCO banner, Fry has supervised the design and construction of over 700 commercial, military, and pleasure craft. This work includes scale model tests at various institutions. He also designed the equipment and training manuals for oil pollution recovery equipment for five major seaports.

At present time, FRYCO Yacht Services remains an active design firm working out of both Florida, United States and Istanbul, Turkey.

ACCESS: Access to this collection is currently restricted pending the completion of processing and publishing of a finding aid. All inquiries may be directed to the Curator of the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library.