St. Louis Mercantile Library

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Alphabetical listing of Special Collections

Collection Name
Collection Number
Shelving Location
Sculpture Collection of the St. Louis Mercantile Library See M-266 Library
Painting and Print Collection of the St. Louis Mercantile Library See M-264, M-265 Library
Adams, John Quincy M-1 Safe
Astor, John Jacob M-2 Safe
Autographs M-3 Safe
Bankers & Exchange Dealers: City of St. Louis Records, 1852-53 M-4 Archives
Barbe-Marbois, Francois, Marquis de M-5 Safe
Bell, John M-6 Safe
Adolphus Benedict Scrapbook Collection M-7 Archives
Thomas Hart Benton Collection M-8 Safe
General Daniel Bissell Papers M-9 Safe
Blumenthal, Augustus A. M-10 Safe
Boone, Daniel M-11 Safe
Botts, John M-12 Safe
Brooks, Richard M-13 Safe
Bryan, John [Daniel Boone's nephew M-14 Safe
Bryant, William Cullen M-15 Safe
Buchanan, James M-16 Safe
Burr, Aaron M-17 Safe
Burr, Theodosia M-18 Safe
Calhoun, John C. M-19 Safe
Carroll, Charles M-20 Safe
Henry G. A. Caspers Journal M-21 Safe
Auguste Chouteau Papers M-22 Safe
Clay, Henry M-23 Safe
Clemens, James. Jr. M-24 Safe
Crittenden, J. J. M-25 Safe
Crockett, David M-26 Safe
Cunningham, T. H. M-27 Safe
Custis, George William M-28 Safe
Dickinson, Brig. Gen. Philemon and Brig. Gen. Wil Livingston M-29 Safe
Dobyne, Nellie M. M-30 Safe
Henry W. Drinker Journal M-31 Safe
Easton, Rufus M-32 Safe
Fagg, Helen M-33 Safe
Ford, John M-34 Safe
Franklin, Benjamin M-35 Safe
Gallatin, Albert M-36 Safe
Gantt, Thomas J. et. al. M-37 Safe
Gordon, General J. B. M-38 Safe
Hamilton, Alexander M-39 Safe
Hancock, John M-40 Safe
Hancock, Gen. (Winfield Scott) M-41 Safe
Harrison, Benjamin M-42 Safe
Heil Chemical Company of St. Louis Papers M-43 Archives
Henderson, Richard M-44 Safe
Hendricks, Gov. Thomas A. M-45 Safe
Henry, Patrick M-46 Safe
Heughes, J. C. M-47 Safe
Hill, Walter J., S. J. M-48 Safe
Hunter, Will M-49 Safe
Jackson, Andrew M-50 Safe
Jefferson, Thomas M-51 Safe
King, William R. M-52 Safe
Knox, R. M-53 Safe
Lafayette, G. W. M-54 Safe
Lee, Richard Henry M-55 Safe
Lee, Gen. Robert E. M-56 Safe
Life Association of Missouri M-57 Safe
Little Shield Sketchbook M-58 Safe
Locke's Common-Place Book M-59 Safe
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth M-60 Safe
Louisiana Territory Legislative Journal M-61 Safe
McNair, Alexander M-62 Safe
Madison, James M-63 Safe
Monroe, James M-64 Safe
Morgan, Daniel M-65 Safe
Morris, Robert M-66 Safe
Morrision, James M-67 Safe
Nott, Elizabeth M-68 Safe
Osecola, Leader of the Seminoles M-69 Safe
Pierpont, T. H. [Pierpont] M-70 Safe
Peyton, Caroline M-71 Safe
Philipson, Jacob M-72 Safe
Joseph Philipson Business Account Book M-73 Safe
Pinkney, William M-74 Safe
Pitt, William M-75 Safe
Polk, James K. M-76 Safe
Presidential Election of 1824 Collection M-77 Safe
Quincy Library [Illinois] M-78 Safe
Reedy, Mrs. William Marion M-79 Safe
Rivington, James M-80 Safe
Robbins Collection M-81 Archives
Robinson, Hamlin Elijah M-82 Safe
Rogers, John M-83 Safe
Round Table Records M-84 Archives
Saunders, Rolfe A. M-85 Safe
Schmidt Collection M-86 Archives
Shepard, Elihu M-87 Safe
Snow/Wherry Papers M-88 Archives
Stockton, Rich M-89 Safe
Stoddard, Henry M-90 Safe
John L. & James C. Sutton Blacksmith Collection M-91 Archives
James S. Thomas Collection M-92 Archives
Thomas, V. M-93 Safe
Turner, Capt. V. E. M-94 Safe
Tyler, John M-95 Safe
Walker, R. J. Secretary of the Treasury, 1801-1869 M-96 Safe
George Washington Collection M-97 Safe
Webster, Daniel M-98 Safe
White, (Bishop) William M-99 Safe
Wilkinson, James M-100 Safe
Williams, Mary L. L. M-101 Safe
Wilstack, Dr. C. F. M-102 Safe
Worth, Patience M-103 Safe
Wright, June B. M-104 Safe
John Neal Hoover Collection of Agriculture and Rural Life M-105 Archives
St. Louis Booksellers and Rare Book Auction Catalog Collection M-106 Archives
Robert Campbell Family Collection M-107 Archives
Ethan Allen Hitchcock Alchemy Collection M-108 Vault
Norbury Wayman Collection M-109 Archives
E. Phillips Oppenheim Collection M-110 Archives
John Mason Peck Collection M-111 Vault
St. Louis Globe Democrat Collection M-112 Archives
St. Louis Imprints Collection M-113 Vault
Records of the Saint Louis Lyceum M-114 Vault
World War I Pamphlet M-115 Archives
Ephraim George Squier Collection M-116 Vault
Archives of the St. Louis Mercantile Library and Association M-117 Archives
Early Paper Money, Coins and Medals M-118 Vault
Chinese Portraits M-119 Vault
Chamless Print Collection M-120 Archives
Early American Sheet Music Collection M-121 Archives
Theater Program/Minnie Milne Collection M-122 Archives
Confederate Imprint Collection M-123 Vault
Hinton Rowen Helper Collection M-124 Vault
Fine Printing/Private Press/Book Arts Collection M-125 Vault
Historic Newspaper Collection M-126 Archives
Marbled Paper Collection M-127 Archives
Lafayette Square Restoration Committee Papers M-128 Archives
Horton History of Sports Collection M-129 Archives
Downtown St. Louis Collection M-130 Archives
John Gundlach Collection on Theodore Roosevelt M-131 Archives
John Tate Lanning Collection M-132 Vault
Utopia Collection M-133 Archives
Nineteenth-Century Photographically Illustrated Book Collection M-134 Vault
Mallinckrodt Company Advertising Scrapbooks M-135 Archives
Community Federal Savings and Loan Archives M-136 Archives
Irving Dilliard Journalism Collection M-137 Archives
Illinois Glass Papers M-138 Archives
World Travel Film & Slides-G. Smith M-139 Archives
Heartman M-140 Vault
Bixby M-141 Vault
Edgewood Children's Center M-142 Archives
Howard Day Photograph Collection M-143 Archives
Forcier Collection M-144 Archives
Hindenburg Collection M-145 Archives
Lucile W. Ring Collection M-146 Archives
Colonial Dames Collection M-147 Archives
Horatio Seymour M-148 Safe
De Pew Life Magazine Collection M-149 Archives
Kammlade Collection of Ranching M-150 Vault
St. Louis Models Cities Association Archives M-151 Archives
Tom K. Smith Papers M-152 Archives
St. Louis Maps and Guidebooks M-153 Archives
Books in Series Collection M-154 Vault
Netsuke Reference Collection M-155 Archives
Felix Darley Illustrations Collection M-156 Vault
Pop-Up Book Collection M-157 Archives
Greeting Card Collection M-158 Archives
M. B. Darrich Collection (St. Louis Jewish Geneaology) M-159 Archives
Rice Family Papers M-160 Archives
Postage Stamp Collection M-161 Archives
Simmons/Chandler Collection M-162 Archives
19th Century Illustrated Periodicals M-163 Archives
St. Louis Fairs & Expositions Collection M-164 Archives
Tevis Civil War Scrapbook Collection M-165 Archives
D. W. Mar Collection M-166 Archives
Barnes Glass Negatives M-167 Archives
Compton & Dry, Pictorial St. Louis M-168 Archives
Emil Boehl Photographs of St. Louis M-169 Archives
Lemen Collection of St. Louis Photographs M-170 Archives
St. Louis Images M-171 Archives
John O' Fallon M-172 Safe
Field PS 1667-LS 1889 M-173 Safe
Douglass MSS (Binder Only) M-174 Safe
Genealogical Chart, 1911 M-175 Safe
Spanish Document M-176 Safe
Williams-Territorial Broadside M-177 Safe
Matthew Casey Valedictory M-178 Safe
Fort Belle Fontaine M-179 Safe
P. Diaz--1899 Proclamation M-180 Safe
Jerry Ray M-181 Safe
Emerson Transcripts M-182 Safe
Marianne Moore M-183 Safe
1787 Freighting Document (Bill of Lading) M-184 Safe
1898 Philippines Document M-185 Safe
1718 Louisiana Document M-186 Safe
McElwee Genealogy M-187 Safe
Vaughan Civil War Transcript M-188 Safe
Peter-Clemens St. Louis History (Membership Reciept) M-189 Safe
Gaty Register M-190 Safe
Lewis Genealogical Charts M-191 Safe
Mark Twain Autograph M-192 Safe
Gates--St. Louis Bank Regulations M-193 Safe
1779 Oath of Allegiance M-194 Safe
B. Shaumburgh--New Orleans, 1799 M-195 Safe
A. J. Donilich M-196 Safe
1856 Letter of Introduction M-197 Safe
Arthur Digby M-198 Safe
Whitney Genealogy M-199 Safe
Wherry Autograph M-200 Safe
Republic of Texas Documents M-201 Safe
Mathur in St. Louis 1817 M-202 Safe
St. Louis Waterworks M-203 Safe
18th Century Receipts and Documents M-204 Safe
Planters House Broadsides M-205 Safe
Early Lottery Broadsides M-206 Safe
Early St. Louis Bank Reciepts M-207 Safe
For Garland, Colorado Territory, 1861 (photograph) M-208 Safe
John James Audubon Prints M-209 Vault
Edward Curtis Collection M-210 Vault
Alexander Gardner Photographic Prints M-211 Vault
Images of American Indian & Popular Western Culture M-212 Archives
F. E. Porter M-213 Safe
Breckenridge Photograph M-214 Safe
Bolduc Photostats--Ste. Genevieve M-215 Safe
St. Louis Caledonian Society Records M-216 Safe
Franchot Scrapbook M-217 Archives
Beaumont, William Dr. M-218 Archives
Alaskan Gold Rush Photos M-219 Archives
Stereopticon Slide Collection M-220 Archives
Vehicle Top and Supply Company Scrapbook M-221 Archives
Voelker Scrapbook on Missouri M-222 Archives
Whyte Scrapbook M-223 Archives
Thomas, Chester L. M-224 Archives
H. Buffum Auction Broadside M-225 Safe
Koran Manuscript ca. 17th Century M-226 Archives
Dan Groncy Collection M-227 Archives
Gay and Lesbian Publications M-228 Archives
Immigration Cartoons, 1840´s M-229 Safe
August F. Marty Scrapbook M-230 Archives
Stix, Baer and Fuller Collection M-231 Archives
Henry F. Langenberg Economics Collection M-232 Archives
Kyse-Manley-Barnett Families Collection M-233 Archives
Trans World Airlines Collection M-234 Archives
Regimental History of the 4th Cavalry M-235 Archives
Mid-Coast Aviation Photograph Collection M-236 Archives
Remmert-Werner Collection M-237 Archives
Young, Robert A. III M-238 Archives
Archive of Wetumka, Indian Territory M-239 Archives
Irish State Trial Scrapbook M-240 Archives
Yeatman Family Album M-241 Archives
Old St. Louis Arsenal M-242 Archives
Muhammed Temple of Islam Scrapbook M-243 Archives
African American Image Collection M-244 Archives
Prints of the American West M-245 Archives
Abraham Beck Journal M-246 Archives
Pegler-Bisch Letter Collection M-247 Archives
Don Hesse Political Cartoon Collection M-248 Archives
World Map Collection M-249 Archives
Ernst Connally Papers M-252 Archives
Brockmeier Genealogy Collection M-253 Archives
Poster Collection M-254 Archives
Butterfield Stagecoach M-255 Archives
Sons of the Revolution Flag Collection M-256 Library
Greve/Fisher Collection M-257 Archives
St. Louis Business Journal Photograph Collection M-258 Archives
Citizens for Educational Freedom: Part 1 M-259 Depository
Eugene Lewis M-260 Archives
McKinnley Bent Collection M-261 Archives
Martin Family Materials M-262 Archives
Paintings (Art Collection) M-264 Library
Prints, Photos, Drawings (Art Collection) M-265 Library
Sculpture (Art Collection) M-266 Library
Decorative Arts (Art Collection) M-267 Library
Pregaldin Papers M-268 Archives
Leonard Gruggs M-269 Archives
Hugh Mc Pheeter M-270 Archives
G. Duncan Bauman Collection M-271 Archives
UNITE! Union of Needletrades, Industial, and Textile Employees M-272 Archives
Russell-Allen Family Papers M-273 Archives
St. Louis Historical Architectural Plans M-274 Archives
John B. Myers Co. Ledger M-275 Archives
Western History Association Archives Collection M-276 Archives
The University Club Archives M-277 Archives
History of Wine Collection M-278 Archives
Charlotte Peters Collection M-279 Archives
Don Marsh Collection M-280 Archives
Ron Elz / Johnny Rabbitt Collection M-281 Archives
Ameren UE Collection M-282 Archives
Citizens for Educational Freedom: Part 2 M-283 Depository
Political Cartoons by St. Louis Weatherbird Artists M-284 Archives
Spanish American War Scrapbook M-285 Archives
Woods Family Papers M-286 Archives
Webster Collection M-287 Archives
Frank Nuderscher Collection M-288 Archives
James Godwin Scott Collection M-289 Archives
Press Women, Mildred Planthold Michie M-290 Archives
Donny Brook Collection M-291 Archives
Postcard Collection M-292 Archives
James D. Horan Collection M-293 Archives
Voelker Collection M-294 Archives
James Myers Indian Artifact Collection M-295 Safe
Fr. Pierre Jean DeSmet Collection M-296 Safe
Sundry Book M-297 Safe
World War II Japan/ China Atrocid Photos M-298 Safe
Keller, Helen M-299 Safe
Charless, Joseph M-300 Safe
Hinchey, Paul M-301 Safe
National Black Economic Development Conference, Detroit, Michigan, 1969 M-302 Safe
City Hospital M-303 Safe
General Life and Fire Assurance Company M-304 Safe
Merchants Exchange of St. Louis M-305 Safe
Civil War Ship Journals M-306 Safe
St. Louis Coliseum Company M-307 Safe
John Henry Nash Fine Print Manuscripts M-308 Safe
W.A.W. Vaughan Civil War Diary M-309 Safe
French, Juliet S. M-310 Safe
Westerners's Organization, St. Louis Chapter M-311 Safe
J. Sautelli M-312 Safe
Meachum, Rev. John B. M-313 Safe
Letters from the Civil War M-314 Safe
Manley Family Papers M-315 Safe
Confederate Civil War Document M-316 Safe
Frederick Oakes Sylvester Collection M-317 Safe
Illustrated Travel Journals Collection M-318 Archives
Exhibits Collection M-319 Archives
Episcopal Letters Collection M-320 Archives
Single Photograph Collection M-321 Archives
Dr. Allen B. and Helen S. Shopmaker American Political Collection M-322 Off Site, On Display
Matthews Family Collection M-323 Archives
Emmigration Poster c. 1830-1840s M-324 Safe
Severson Collection M-325 Archives
Thomas Hart Benton [Artist] Collection M-326 Archives
American Art-Union Collection M-327 Archives
American Broadsides Collection M-328 Archives
Hill Family Letters M-329 Archives
The Seely Letters M-330 Safe
The Harry and Alice Turner Papers M-331 Archives
Dunaway BookSeller Collection M-332 Archives
Sewing Arts Collection M-333 Archives
Karen Witmer-Gow Papers M-334 Depository
Jane Wilson Indian Captivity Documents M-335 Safe
The Henry H. Benham Papers M-336 Archives
Crawford Indian Captivity M-337 Archives
Beers Indian Captivity Narrative M-338 Archives
Abeel Indian Captivity Manuscript M-339 Archives
John Williams Letter M-340 Archives
Dr. David Olyphant Letter M-341 Archives
Receipt for Indian Factory Supplies M-342 Archives
Death Song of an Indian Chief Orchestral Score M-343 Archives
Abel Janney Indian Captivity Manuscripts M-344 Safe
Homer Bassford Papers M-345 Safe
Henry Boernstein Collection M-346 Archives
Civil War Letters of James Bradley M-347 Safe
KSTL Board of Directors Meeting Minutes M-348 Archives
Japanese Internment Papers M-349 Safe
Eugene Ware Letters M-351 Safe
TWA Estate Collection M-352 Safe