General Policies


These patron behavior policies apply to all individuals using the Libraries at the University of Missouri-St Louis (UMSL). The library staff, library security officers, and campus police may enforce these policies. Additionally, students are required to comply with the UMSL Student Code of Conduct available at:

Beverages and Food:

Bulletin Board in the Library Research Commons: Only flyers for UMSL related activities which are open to the campus community will be posted in the bulletin board. No personal ads or campaign flyers will be permitted. When a flyer is brought to the library, it will be up to whomever is staffing the reference desk to determine if it is acceptable for posting. Also, Circulation supervisors may make determinations about posting appropriate flyers. Every flyer must be date-stamped and will be posted for a maximum of 4 weeks or until the event has passed. Flyer size will not exceed legal size paper.

Cameras: Photography is not allowed in the St. Louis Mercantile Library or in the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center - St. Louis without prior authorization. Permission to use images may be requested at the Reading Rooms of each area.

Cell Phone Use: Cell Phone usage is not permitted in the Libraries.


Computer Use: The public computer terminals may be used to access information resources for educational, instructional, and research purposes only. Code of Conduct: Patrons must respect the rights of other patrons and abide by all University and Libraries' policies, licensing, and contractual agreements.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) information for the University of Missouri System.


In Case of Emergencies: Patrons should follow instructions given by the Libraries' Emergency Monitors, security officers, and staff, verbally or via the public announcement system, during emergency situations or drills.

Interlibrary Loan

Library Closing: Prior to the daily closing, three announcements at 30, 15, and 5 minutes will be made reminding patrons that the library will be closing. Upon a fourth and final announcement indicating the libraries are closed, all staff members and patrons must promptly exit the libraries so that staff and security officers can lock the building.

Laptop Circulation Policy

Library Instruction Room (Room 315) Policy

Lost and Found: The Thomas Jefferson and Ward E. Barnes Libraries maintain lost and found containers. The first working day of the month, a library staff member will send the items to the Lost and Found Center in the Millennium Student Center. Wallets, purses, cell phones and other PDA equipment are immediately given to campus police.



Security: DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave laptop computers or any valuables unattended in the Libraries. The Libraries are NOT responsible for lost or stolen laptops, personal computers, their components, or any other items.  UMSL has an important list of security & safety tips for all students, faculty & staff.

Study Room Policies

Unattended Children: Parents may not leave children unattended in the Libraries and they are responsible for their children's behavior while in the Libraries. Unattended children under the age of 16 will be asked to leave the Libraries.