The e-Books can be viewed online and most can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or e-Book reader (Download Instructions). Up to 60 pages of an eBook can be printed or saved per user as a PDF file from within the eBook Full Text viewer (the number of pages may vary depending on individual publisher-specified limits).

Search everything at once (eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)) or, when you're in the eBook Collection, click the "Choose Databases" link at the top of the search page to limit your search.

What's in the new MOBIUS EBSCO eBook collection?

General Collections (all areas of study):

  • eBook Academic Collection

    • A large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter
    • More than 114,000 titles are included in this package
    • All titles are available with unlimited user access, and titles are added to the package each month
  • eBook Public Library Collection

    • Over 31,500 titles chosen specifically for public libraries
    • General reference collection features fiction titles for both adults and juveniles
    • Substantial offerings in Self-Help, Health & Fitness, Games, Crafts & Hobbies, Medical, Cooking, Religion, Recreation & Leisure, Geography, Commerce, Finance, The Family, Marriage, Women, Folklore, Social & Public Welfare, and Home Economics
  • eBook Community College Collection

    • Focused on the academic and trade information needs of community colleges
    • More than 48,000 titles
    • Introductory/basic content to higher-level content
    • Over 4,000 vocational education titles and over 10,000 front list titles

Nursing, Optometry, and other Health Professions: eBook Clinical Collection

  • Designed for use in clinical settings, biomedical libraries and academic-medical institutions
  • Over 1,700 quality titles that focus on medical specialties, nursing, allied health and general practice areas
  • All titles in the collection are from 2008 and forward (majority of titles from 2010 and later)
  • Newer titles replace older content as updates are made available

Education: eBook K-8 and eBook High School Collections

  • Created for students and the educators that work with them
  • Over 6,000 (K-8) and 5,600 (High School) titles across all subjects
  • Content aligns with Common Core Curriculum Standards (for participating U.S. states)
  • Teacher Resources to support educators and administrators