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No payment is due at the time of registration. A bill will be mailed to the student around the beginning of the course. 

Fall 2018 courses begin on August 20. Student IDs and SSOs required to log in to the course will be distributed after registration closes on August 1. Please consider purchasing your textbook after August 1st, to ensure your course is not canceled during the registration period. If a course is cancelled, we will let you know, so you have the option of enrolling in another Kickstart course. 

Registration for Kickstart is on a first come first serve basis, and all course sections have limited enrollment. Please note that courses may also be canceled if a minimum number of students is not reached. Students may be dropped from their course if they do not participate or contribute in class. Students will be dropped if payment is not made in full by the end of the semester. Students will be reassessed fees in accordance with UMSL's reassessment schedule.

St. Louis Public School (SLPS) students must select ENGL 1100 when completing the application. Click the image below to register for a Kickstart course. 

Apply Here

*Students who have a health condition or disability, which may require accommodations in order to participate effectively in any course, should contact the Disability Access Services Office (314-516-6554). Please visit the DAS website and complete all of the steps for registering with DAS prior to the start of classes, if possible.

*UMSL reserves the right to drop a student from their course if their tuition is not paid before the end of the semester or the student will not pass the course; in these circumstances, payment is still required and will be based on UMSL's reassessment fee and the date in which the course is dropped, which usually occurs towards the end of the semester.