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Course Descriptions

Kickstart Course Descriptions - Fall 2018


  • Communication 1030: Interpersonal Communication I - 3 credit hours

    • Introduction to the theories of interpersonal communication. Emphasis on basic principles involved in one-to-one interactions.

  • Computer Science 1250: Introduction to Computing - 3 credit hours 

    • This course provides an introduction to the concepts of computation, problem-solving, and computer systems. It covers fundamental programming constructs, basic data types, and modularization using a modern high-level language. Problem-solving skills are developed through a progression of programming projects.

  • Criminology 1100: Introduction To Criminology And Criminal Justice - 3 credit hours

    • Introduction to the basic concepts and approaches in the study of criminology and criminal justice. The major components of the criminal justice system are examined.

  • Psychology 1003: General Psychology - 3 credit hours

    • A survey of the basic concepts, theories, and pivotal findings over the past 100 years in the science of Psychology, with special emphasis on contemporary concepts and findings that focus on the relation of the brain to normal and pathological behaviors. All Psychology majors must complete this course with a grade of C- or higher.

*Courses are subject to change or cancellation. Emails will be sent to the address provided on the application if this occurs and you will have the option to change to another course at that time.