Your SSO, Password, and Student ID Number

When you register at UMSL, an email will be sent to you containing your SSO (your UMSL username), a temporary password, and your Student ID. These are vital to being an UMSL/Kickstart student. Please read all emails sent to you from UMSL. 

The ACP, nor anyone else at UMSL has the ability to access your password. So, if you forgot your password or your SSO, please visit the ITS password page. If you are still having issues after resetting your password, please call UMSL's IT department at 314-516-6034. 


MyGateway is the program all UMSL students use on a regular basis to access their courses. As a Kickstart student, it is vital that you understand use this MyGateway nearly every day. You can find a link to this program by going to UMSL's homepage at and clicking on "Current Students." 

Logging on to MyGateway before classes begin will allow you to work through our online orientation, a free course for all Kickstart students. This course will help students learn about the programs that all UMSL students use and how to be successful in online courses. 

Student Email 

Every UMSL student is issued a student email address. This is how the university will communicate with you. Your email address is the SSO that was issued to you followed by You can log in to your UMSL email account through MyGateway. 

If you are having difficulty logging on to your student email account, call our IT department at 314-516-6034. 

Forwarding Student Emails

Many college students already have several email accounts, so many choose to forward their student emails to an account they already check every day. Once you have successfully logged into your Office 365 UMSL email account through MyGateway, you can redirect all UMSL emails to a personal email address by doing the following:

In Office 365:

1. Click the tools/setting icon in the upper right corner, between the bell and the question mark

2. Type "Forwarding" in the search bar and click the "Forwarding" option that appears

3. Make sure “Start Forwarding” is selected and type the email address to which you would like all UMSL emails to forward to (the email address you use the most is best)

4. Click “Save”