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Workshops of the IBCC 2018

This portion of the day will be divided into two sessions, each lasting forty minutes. During each session, you will choose one of the available concurrent workshops from the following topics:

Guest Speakers

Workshop #1

"Cyber Security"

Marcia Peters

Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance Executive 

U.S. Bank

Are you concerned about losing your identity? So are companies all over the world. Come meet Marcia Peters an expert in Information Security at US Bank. She will be explaining the complexity of this issue, what companies are doing to counteract this problem, and how this will you and your job in the future.

Workshop #2

"International Business in an Age of Multidirectional Uncertainity"

Anderson Stephen.jpg

Stephan Anderson
Visiting Fellow
Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Have you ever thought about having a career in the diplomatic service? If so, Stephen Anderson, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service will be able to answer questions you might have. His career in Foreign Service has spanned all continents.

Workshop #3

"Social Media"

Dr. Myra Miller, PHD
Adjunct Professor (Management Department)


Missouri State University

Social media is the fastest growing form of communication all over the world. Learn how to build your international social media network more effectively and better market yourself to employers all over the world with college professor and award-winning author,  Myra Miller.

Workshop #4

" Working For An International Business"


Greg Gorman

Vice President

Business Planning & Development

Nidec Motor Corporation

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work for a foreign owned company based in the United States? If so, come and listen to Greg Goreman, Vice President of Business Planning and Developement at Nidec. He will be talking about some of the interesting aspects of working for a foreign owned company and why you might want to work for one as well.

Alumni Panel

"From Backpack to Briefcase" 

Samantha Greminger

Thomson Reuters

Matthew Coker




Ala Al-Lozi


UMSL Accelerate

Vita Pelts

Project Manager

Harsh Patel


Edward Jones


Hannah Russell

Enterprise Holdings

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